Logo Design, KISS & Logo Longevity

It’s hard to fathom how much conceptual and critical thinking goes into a logo’s design when most successful logos look so simple. But that’s what makes them so successful – their simplicity and the message and feeling they convey within seconds of recognition. In this post we’ll talk about a logo’s simplicity; we’ll discuss how visual elements and color attract a viewer’s eye, and we’ll share how a logo should be designed for longevity. Continue reading “Logo Design, KISS & Logo Longevity”

Importance of Typography in Web Design

In the age of instant gratification, it is more important than ever to attract visitors to your website and draw them in from there. One way of doing this is by having a well-defined typography layout. In this post we’ll talk about attracting visitors to your website with typography, holding their attention with elements of typography and setting up a hierarchy that is relative to the importance of your website. Continue reading “Importance of Typography in Web Design”

New Web Design Firm in Santa Fe

Yes, we are the new web design firm in Santa Fe. That doesn’t mean we aren’t familiar with what it takes to do business in a town that is saturated with web design competition. In fact, we feel like we have the upper hand. We’re cheaper, leaner and offer unique custom websites that are search engine friendly from the get-go. Plus, we enjoy interacting with our clients and making them very happy!

Affordable Santa Fe Web Design

Oh yeah, we’re affordable… Even in these hard economic times. We have low overhead and believe in sustainable practices. This means that we can charge less than the average web design firm. “How much less?” you ask. On average, we charge $10 (per hour) less than most web designers. And it won’t be one of those scenarios where you say, “Well, I guess we got what we paid for.” We want our clients to feel as though they not only got the most for their money but also enjoy the way their new website works, looks and feels.

Lean, Not So Mean Web Design Firm

Costs are kept relatively low at Jacobito Design. We follow “Green Protocols” that we’ve written into our business plan. These “Green Protocols” definitely help us save money by reducing facility energy costs, fleet costs and waste. Ultimately by keeping costs low and following green protocols, we feel that we are not only helping our bottom line but also helping the bottom line of our clients — not to mention our contribution to the wellbeing of the environment.

Search Engine Friendly, Custom Web Sites

Our previous blog post detailed search engine friendly websites. In that post, we wrote about underdeveloped code-hoarders that generally haven’t bothered to update their skills and evolve. We believe there is quite a bit of this that goes on in the Santa Fe web design community. Not every designer is this way, but there are quite a few. We pride ourselves on creating clean-coded, custom websites that are easily indexed by search engines.

So, even though Jacobito Design is new to Santa Fe, we feel like we have a structure that our clients will be happy with. It can also save them money before and after the web design process is complete. We invite you to see how we can best serve you and your web design needs.

Jacobito Open For Business

Jacobito Design is officially open for business! We’ve worked hard to set up an easy to use website that illustrates what we’re capable of. Although our focus is in web design, we feel that graphic design is a service that would be silly not to offer. Our prices are competitive, and we offer a free 30-minute preliminary consultation. Plus, we’re super friendly!!! What else would you like in a design agency?

Picking a Web Designer

Picking a web designer is tricky. The first dilemma is knowing whether or not you are getting enough bang for your buck. The second dilemma is knowing what is standard in modern web design and if the designer is current. Third, you want an agency that will implement a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign from the get-go.


I know… “What did you just say?!” Yea, we’re nerds at Jacobito Design, and we do our darnedest to articulate what terms mean, what the acronyms stand for, how they are used, and whether or not you’ll be needing them for your website. We would like to include you in the design process. We feel that if you’re not involved, we’re not really making a website for YOU.

Modern Web Design

At Jacobito Design we think of ourselves as contemporary designers. We stay abreast to current topics in a fast moving industry and are constantly learning and probing for the latest standards. Reliable communication plays a key role between us, as the designers and you in the development of your site from start to finish.

Bang for Your Buck

Jacobito Design is a small website agency that occasionally hires out, so prices are kept competitive for our clients. We feel that in order to be flexible and competitive in this economy, costs need to be kept clean and within budget — for everyone! As a company, we aren’t out to gouge our clients and suggest services that aren’t necessary. We won’t suggest services you don’t need and aim to keep you informed of all the options that are available to you.

Graphic Design

Yea, we do that too! We might as well; we have the tools and more than enough passion for delivering. Plus we get to use a little more of the right side of our brains through the process.

Services we offer range from logo design and posters to vinyl top-sheet graphics for your skis or snowboard.