Have you ever been stressed out when trying to complete tasks during a busy day? Yea, us too! Jacobito Design uses OmniFocus (a Mac specific program) for this very reason… We like to cruise through our day with the least amount of stress, moving easily from task to task, without thinking, “what needs to be done next?” It’s all easily managed with Omnifocus.

Omnifocus Features

Omnifocus has simple features that make project management a snap. It has an inbox to easily create tasks, projects, or whatever is on your mind. From there, you can drag and drop those tasks into the library to create a new project or you can add tasks to an existing project.

OmniFocus lets you assign a context to a task so you can optimize your time in getting things done. For example, if you have several people to email or phone, just view your list per that context. You can add details to the contexts, combine lists, make notes to yourself, and when you are done, simply delete the task, so it is no longer on your plate.

OmniFocus syncing possibilities are what seal the deal for Jacobito Design. Omnifocus can be synced with iCal and iPhone. This makes it a magnificent tool for organizing meetings, planning errands while on the go, or just saving a little time here and there.

The iPhone App


We really love the convenience of OmniFocus’s iPhone App! It’s like having your own personal assistant. Similar to the base program, typing in tasks is just as easy. At $19, this app more than pays for itself over a short period of time. It’s the perfect tool for days when we have no choice but to take our office with us.

So if you’re a Mac user and you’re looking to decrease the amount of stress in your workday, we suggest Omnifocus. We just feel that it’s the perfect choice for dealing with task and project management. Try it out. We’re sure you’ll agree.