Jacobito Design’s 2012 year in Santa Fe Web Design was a year of growth. Here are some achievements we have made in the Santa Fe web design community as well as achievement beyond the New Mexico web design boundary.


2012 website design achievementsExpanded our Santa Fe Web Design Base

Jacobito Design acquired some good web design relationships for our client base in Santa Fe in 2012. Of course, we look forward to expanding this base in 2013, but here are a few in the list of clients we’ve helped out this past year…

David Fries — Santa Fe Real Estate

We actually started a client relationship with David Fries in December of 2011 but finished his Santa Fe real estate web design project in February of 2012. The parameters of this project were pretty consistent with what we’ve accomplished previously – here is a list of services rendered:

  • WordPress Website
  • Custom Web Design
  • Custom JavaScript Homepage Slider
  • Property Roll List
  • Website Hosting

Scheinbaum & Russek LTD

This project was a fun web design for Jacobito Design. Jacobito Design is very enthusiastic about photography. So when we were asked to design and develop a website for Scheinbaum & Russek, we jumped at that chance. Their gallery pages did utilize two different JavaScript code sets depending on how many photos were associated. The whole project used the open source foundation of WordPress. We customized the back-end of WordPress so they could easily update and create new galleries at will. Overall Jacobito Design was successful in meeting all project goals. Here is a list of services we accomplished:

  • WordPress Website
  • Custom Web Design
  • Two JavaScript Galleries
  • Over 1,500 photos implemented

Cleopatra’s Cafe

Cleopatra’s Cafe was a fun project that was more or less on the lighter side of web design/web development. Jack, the owner of Cleopatra’s, didn’t have a ton of content to attribute but wanted a way for visitors to quickly see their menu as well as the location of their two restaurants. We first wanted to give them three pages that met all goals for the project but thought we might add a contemporary twist recently seen in the web design community. We gave them instead one page that functioned like a three-page website. All content is found within a scrollable area, but the navigation, found at the top of the page, was a static element that would navigate to the area of interest. Google maps is also a technology that couldn’t be left out.

These were but a few of the projects we completed for our Santa Fe web design base. And of course we are grateful for all of the new business we were able to accrue throughout the year here in Santa Fe, but in an effort to keep this blog post short we also wanted to highlight business relationships we facilitated beyond the New Mexican border.

Developing Web Design Relationships Beyond

Of course developing relationships within the Santa Fe web design community is always a goal, developing partnerships beyond the New Mexico web design boundary is also a very important goal for Jacobito Design.

Web Design Partner – Business Logos

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Business Logos has become a valuable partner and client. Jacobito Design started it’s relationship with Business Logos initially by building websites for clients they had that came in randomly. From there we recorded the Business Logos website so that it would be cleaner under the hood and search engine friendly. We also provided them with a light user-friendly eCommerce solution that adequately supports sales completed over the web. We are more than grateful to have Business Logos as our partner.

Web Design Partner – MaeJay Company

The MaeJay Company was a client relationship we’re proud to have facilitated. Located in New York City, The MaeJay Company is a marketing firm that helps companies in the region develop their overall branding and marketing presence. We look forward to our business relationship in 2013 and beyond.

A Big Thank You to All!

Of course, we’d like to thank all of our clients – new and old. Without your business, Jacobito would only be a nickname. Thanks for your business! We look forward to serving you in the coming years.