In our previous four posts, “Project Comprehension“, “Designing a Great Website Mock-up“, “Website Development” and “Pushing a Website Live” we outlined four steps of how we understand what you would like in website, how we design a mock-up to your specifications, how we develop that design into a functional easy to use website, and the process of pushing that website live.

In this post, we’ll outline how we can help ensure your website is healthy and valid for the duration of its life – what we like to call “Owning a Healthy & Viable Website”. Here is what we generally cover (keep in mind these are recommendations & not what we generally cover in the initial project estimation):

  • Keeping Your Website Fresh
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Promotions & Email Marketing
  • Blogging & Social Networking

Keeping Your Website Fresh

This is the most important and thus this is why we’re mentioning it first. We really discourage our clients from neglecting their websites. Regular updates are paramount. Here is a couple of reasons why. First, if kept fresh, you are showing the public that you are engaged and therefore encouraging return visits from them. Second, it’s important in terms of refinement and optimizing your website for search engine rank. Here is an article that was written about that, explaining a little bit more about encouraging return website visitation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let’s start by saying that there is a myriad of detail that fall under SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but because we want to cover other aspects of this part of the design process, here a few we feel very important. Number one reason; higher rank means more potential visits from internet users wanting to find your product or services by typing in keywords or key phrases that pertain to you or your organization. Another important reason SEO is important is because it encourages repeat customers and benefits the user. Here is a couple more article where you’ll find more info on SEO:

Promotions & Email Marketing

It’s no surprise promotions and marketing has been the backbone of business for years. And it’s even more relevant in the age of the internet. Online marketing is more efficient, targets your desired clientele and is relatively more cost effective than traditional means. Email marketing is a great example of this. You provide a way for current and potential clients to subscribe to promotions or latest news marketing, send out a campaign from time to time, and watch your bottom line grow. Here are the Santa Fe online marketing services we offer.

Blogging & Social Networking

Though not completely relevant to every person or company’s aspirations, Jacobito Design does feel blogging and social networking is a valid outlet when communicating with current and potential clients. Clients and patrons want to feel important – they want their opinions and comments validated, even if it is an online blogging forum or through social networking sites like facebook and twitter. What better, more efficient way of doing this. Blogging adds more keywords to your site to help optimize your site for search engines and social networking can be one of the cheaper ways of marketing your business.

All in all, “Owning a Healthy Website” can be a chore. But when it comes down to it, it can be more efficient and easier on the pocketbook than most traditional means.

This concludes our series of posts on the web design process. If you have any questions about our services you can either visit this Santa Fe web design service page or contact our Santa Fe web design company.