Let’s face it, with Google receiving over 60% of search engine traffic, it’s going to have a major effect on how many people visit your website. In this post, we’ll talk about why Google has so much web traffic. We’ll talk about fundamentals to optimizing your website towards Google. We’ll also talk about steps our Santa Fe web design company takes in helping our clients achieve better Google placement.

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Why Google has so much Web Traffic

As we all know, Google is the leading search engine on the web. They didn’t get that way by just doing business as usual. They did it by creating a superior search engine platform that is being constantly critiqued. This constant critique, in turn, effects the algorithm they use to place websites. This algorithm overall gives you the searcher a better result list. By giving a better search engine result, they’ve become a trusted brand on the internet.

Fundamentals to Search Engine Optimization

The fundamentals to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are as follows:

  1. Market Research; we look at where your competition is placed and what are the reasons they have this ranking.
  2. Keyword Research; we look at the keywords that are being used in your industry and how we might be able to help your website place better with these particular keywords.
  3. Site Structure; we analyze the structure of your website and how we might be able to improve the site structure to improve ranking.
  4. Page Optimization; we look first at the home page (and other pages) and how we could bring in those keywords to help improve ranking.
  5. Link Building; we look at internal, but more so external ways in which we can build links back to your website.
  6. Brand Building; we look at how we can better build the brand you are marketing through online outlets.
  7. Viral Marketing; offering enticing content to get others to share what your brand has to offer.
  8. Measuring Results; once an SEO campaign is established we look at our efforts and see where we can make adjustments and improvements.
  9. Adjusting & Improving; we look at the nuances of our efforts and improve upon those efforts, or just build from them.

Achieving Better Organic Google (Search Engine) Placement

Simply put, by following the fundamentals of SEO and maintaining focus in these efforts. Jacobito Design has had high placement for the keywords we’ve optimized our site for and lost that placement. At the time of this blog post, we are ranked #1 organically for the keywords “new mexico web design“. So we know that once you let your guard down, you open the door for your competition to better you in their efforts. Our motto for achieving great placement is follow the fundamentals, and work from there.

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