In this post, we’ll outline some issues your site may be afflicted with, in terms of being Google-friendly. We’ll also share a couple points your website should have to ensure it is optimized for search engines.
google friendly web design

Why Your Site Should be Google-Friendly

Your site should be Google-friendly because Google is the number one search engine used today. That means if you haven’t optimized your site to be Google-friendly, you’re allowing your competition to gain the upper hand.

Why Your Site Might not be Google-Friendly

A great starting point to ensure your website is Google-friendly is to make sure it is easily accessible. That means if your website uses flash or other technologies to hide content from search engine robots, it’s more than likely not too accessible. Google likes websites where the content is clear and optimized towards the reader.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

From there, you really want your website to be mobile-friendly. Google is favoring websites that are mobile-friendly over those that are less responsive with regards to organic search engine results. Google understands that more and more people are using smaller and more portable devices to surf the web vs. desktops and laptops.

Secure & Safe Websites

Lastly, Google is starting to favor websites that are more secure. For now, it’s not favored over accessibility but is still something to consider if you’d like your website to be more Google-friendly over your competition.

Standard SEO Points

Other than having your website accessible, a great rule of thumb to remember is that overall content is king. If your website has, relevant content, that is optimized for the specific keywords you’d like to be found under, you are doing great. When consulting new clients, this is one of the first points we make with regards to search engine optimization.

Be a Proactive Content Creator

The second point we make is, be proactive about creating new content. Google like larger sites that have a lot of content, so our Santa Fe web design company recommends different ways to add content to your website. We do this by recommending a blog, so you can write about your company or industry. We also recommend a shopping cart so you can add products and product descriptions.

In the end, making your website Google-friendly is about connecting with your visitors and giving them great relevant information that can be easily read on all devices.