It’s been awhile since we’ve written about search engine optimization. In this post, we’ll take a look at how Jacobito Design is doing according to keyword and keyphrase search results within the big three – Google, Bing, Yahoo.

santa fe seoJacobito Design does have quite a bit of competition in the web design community around Santa Fe, New Mexico. That is why we work hard towards having top search results in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. And not to toot our own horn, but Jacobito Design has done pretty well considering we’ve only been in business two years here in Santa Fe. Let’s give you some examples of what we’re talking about: **Keep in mind, results change frequently and may show different results depending on your browser history**

Keyphrase “web design company santa fe”

Keyphrase “santa fe web design company”

Keyphrases “santa fe web design” & “web design santa fe”

Keyphrase “web design company new mexico”

Keyphrase “new mexico web design company”

Keyphrase “web design new mexico”

Keyphrase “new mexico web design”

Of course, the goal in each instance is to come up solidly number one on all of the big three. That would be the case if we lived in a perfect world. But as you’re well aware of, we don’t. So we continue to strive for the first position.

A Theory in Search Engine Algorithms

It’s our theory that each search engine takes an average of the big three into their algorithm somewhere. That being said, as you can see towards the bottom of our keyphrases, the average is all over the place. Because of this theory, we believe these are areas we need to work on – especially because they cover a broad geographical area.

There are other aspect and theories we have and could write about, though we might give away secrets in doing so. And because those are secrets we don’t want to give away to our competition, we invite you to take a look at where your website stands with regards to search engine results. If they aren’t up to where you’d like them to be, get in touch with us – this new mexico web design company. We’re more than happy to share our secrets and theories!