One of the main objectives of a web designer is to create a user experience that is not only seamless but holds a visitors attention and encourages return visitations. This is achieved by creating an efficient user platform that is easy to use, coherent and motivates readers to be more engaged.

A Seamless & Coherent Platform

When creating a seamless platform, it all starts with the landing page. If a landing page is perceived to be too cluttered, incoherent or difficult to understand, nine times out of ten the visitor will leave. A well-designed landing page will be much more user-friendly and therefore grab the visitors attention and motivate them to dive in. A great starting point is to design an attractive header that clearly displays the branding of the company and offers a well-defined website navigation. From there it’s important to give a concise, but a coherent statement about what the business or organization offers. This is usually accompanied by an inviting image and is well within the viewing – non-scrollable area. Having these three elements will definitely encourage a visitor’s attention.

Holding the Visitors Attention

In the age of instant gratification, it is of the utmost importance to hold your visitor’s attention. A website’s content should be able to draw the visitor in within the first fifteen seconds. Beyond that, it’s “hold time”. This is done by motivating visitors to investigate other areas of your website and making that information easily accessible. Another way is to use attention grabbers such as in this title “Don’t Be Left in the Past; Know When Your Website Needs to Be Updated”. This not only grabs the reader’s attention but also encourages them to think about the actual statement, read on and follow your link.

Encourage Return Visitation

There are a few reasons why it’s important to encourage return visitations. First, if people like your site, they will encourage others to join in. Second, if people are encouraging others to visit your site, they are probably doing it through social online networks and blogs. This, in turn, creates online back-links; ultimately, helping your overall search engine rank.

How do I go about encouraging return visitors? Several ways include:

  • Have a blog within your site that shares valid information.
  • Have a promotional page that encourages visitors to check back from time to time.
  • Have a gallery page that displays new photos or images.
  • Have a news and events page that is updated regularly.
  • Have a products page that is updated from time to time to show new products.

There are definitely more ways to encourage visitors to come back to your site. It really just takes thinking outside the box and contemplating what your visitors might need, want or be interested in.

The Recap

Start with a solid header for your website that has a well-defined area for your branding. Within your header, create a well-defined navigation that clearly shows visitors what subjects are most important. Grab your visitor’s attention with a coherent, but concise statement of what you offer. Add in some links that call for the visitor’s attention. And encourage return visitations with promotions, news or other. By following these few pointers you should be well on your way to having a seamless platform that enhances the user experience.