In our previous two posts, “Project Comprehension” and “Designing a Great Website Mock-up”, we outlined the beginning two steps of how we understand what you would like on a website, and how we design a mock-up to your website specs.

In this post, we’ll outline Part Three in a five part series entitled “Website Development”. In this part of our web design process, we’ll develop the main structure of the website we’ve designed for. Here is generally what we cover under Website Development:

  • Coding The Approved Mock-up or Mock-ups
  • Collecting Content – Written & Image
  • Critique & Alterations

Coding The Approved Mock-up or Mock-ups

Once you are pleased as punch with the mock-up (look and feel) of your website, we have you sign off on this segment so that it’s understood that this is the mock-up you are happy with and that we are building out. From there, we begin developing the main structure of your website – header, footer and some of the main body elements. We’ll also begin collecting some of the content we need to get started.

Collecting Content – Written & Image

As mentioned before, the development process is the time to collect content. What this means is that we will be requesting all images and all written content during this time. This could be anything from brochures that you may have, to images you want to use within. The more the better. We also offer copywriting as a service. Keep in mind, however, that this is extra from what we normally offer, and therefor will be added to the final invoice.

Critique & Alterations

Threw out the development process, we ask our clients to have an open voice on how they might be perceiving the website. This is especially important once we get past the build out of the home page. Once the website is nearly complete and all to-dos have been checked, we’ll ask our clients to give a final critique. If there are any alterations that need to be done we’ll do so on the spot – depending on how labor intensive they are of course. Once you are happy and we are happy, we ask for final approval and final payment.

Stay tuned next time when we cover part four in this five part series entitled “Pushing Your New Website Live”.