In our previous post, “Project Comprehension”, we outlined the beginning steps of how we understand what you expect in a website, and how we plan out our strategy in providing the best website possible.

In this post, we’ll outline Part Two in a five part series entitled “Designing a Great Website Mock-up”. In our previous post, “Project Comprehension”, we outlined the beginning steps of how we draw up an overall list of what’s expected from us, the designer, and you the client. Because we follow a general project outline with all of our clients, we’ll share the breakdown. Here is generally what we cover under Designing a Great Website Mock-up:

  • Designing a website (mock-up)
  • Sign off on mock-up of website

Design Time (Mock-up)

During the design portion of your project, we’ll acquire all the media you might have. We’ll want your logo along with a tagline if you have it. We’ll want past brochures you’ve used — any literature you have written up that could help during this very important phase. Photographs are very helpful. Once we have gotten all the media we think will help in this phase, we’ll design a mock-up of your website. We usually start with the landing page (home page), because this is the page where you either entice visitors to further their exploration, or you leave them without interest. Most importantly, this is when we really drill down the overall look and feel of your website and how the rest of your website will generally look.

From there we’ll give you the option on whether or not you want revisions to this mock-up. Revisions could include changing colors slightly, changing titling fonts, etc. We usually provide a series of one to two revisions.

Sign off on the mock-up of your website

Once the web design mock-up is done and you’re happy about the overall look and feel, we’ll need you to sign off on the design phase. Signing off on the design phase ensures that we are in understanding of what the website will generally look like and provide us both with a clear understanding of the general structure of the website. Web Development

Hopefully, you’re starting to understand the web design process and what it generally take to design website. It’s important to note that this is more or less the process we use to build websites and by no means, a strict standard – every project is different and will require altering dynamics in providing the best web design services Jacobito Design can possibly offer. Stay tuned next time when we cover website development and what’s involved with the actual build out of a website mock-up.