We at Jacobito Design have decided that it’s time to show off some of the new technologies we’ve been working with over the last two years. So we’ve decided that it’s time for a mobile-friendly website makeover…

Santa Fe Website Redesign - Under ConstructionOver the past couple of years, we’ve been busy helping new clients make the best of their websites and online marketing campaign. Through this process, we’ve had to keep up with the latest trends. Well, it’s time for Jocobito Design to show off those new trends by upgrading our own website. So come July, we’ll be launching our new website chock-full of new goodies.

Main Reason – Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Jacobito Design has posted about Mobile-Friendly Web Design before in this post: Responsive Santa Fe Web Design. This is but one reason we’re upgrading our website. Another reason, and more importantly, is because of the fact that Google penalizes websites that are not mobile-friendly with regards to mobile search results. Here are a couple of articles regarding this change, which took place on April 21st

Now you might be asking yourself; Is my website mobile-friendly? Well, you can do a check by following this link here – (Insert your URL, and google will tell you whether or not your web page is mobile-friendly). Here is a link to our results, which we definitely aren’t proud of; thus the main reason we’re doing a website makeover.

Second Reason – We’re Due for a Makeover

The last time Jacobito Design had a website makeover was back in September of 2010. This is considered ancient in the eyes of the web. Our website was built using the content management system (CMS) platform ExpressionEngine; which we still love. However this time, we feel that WordPress will be more than adequate to fit our website needs. We’ll be using some of the plugins we’ve come to love, as well as new applications to help new and existing clients better utilize our website more efficiently.

So come March 2017, Jacobito Design will be rolling out our new website, along with new features that show off what we’re all about: better design, better search engine results, better usability. Contact Jacobito Design here for your preliminary consultation and free estimate for your new mobile-friendly website.