Jacobito Design’s mobile-first website is coming soon. We’ve been working hard coming up with a new format for our website the last month. Our site will be easy to view on mobile devices, tablets, as well as laptop and desktop computers. We’ll be rolling this out with a clear logo design, and all content will be search engine optimized (SEO) for Santa Fe, New Mexico. Here’s a sneak peak:

Jacobito's new websiteHere is a list of things we’re looking forward to showing:

  • The menu will be flexible within its container.
  • The home page will function as a one-page website. The rest of the site will be for details. By doing this, we believe this will help with the site’s search engine optimization, but will also efficient for those looking to get the information fast.
  • The logo is streamlined.
  • We’ll be using grids and sliders to display content so that there’ll be more interactivity.
  • There’ll be a contact form on the home page. Again, for those looking to get the information fast.

Our goal in this is to not only move in the direction of the internet in general, with regards to responsive Santa Fe web design but to present an information-rich website that is easy to navigate and get the information quickly